The project is set in a panoramic landscape of lush, soft, rolling mountains that surround the campus, providing a natural scenic setting of very high quality. The scheme for this site is a mise en abymethat mirrors the mountain scenery, reflecting its natural topography, acting by contrast and promoting the simplicity of the figure together with an abstract geometry of volumes: the line as a fundamental element. On the scale of the great wide landscape, the campus figure asserts itself as a pure horizontal forme. The scheme enhances

the site’s linearity and geography. Like an inhabited bridge running from west to east, it links together the northern and southern sides of Rue de l’Industrie and Rue des Entrepôts, creating connections at all levels. Like a line in the landscape, the “inhabited bridge” is carefully placed by columns on the forum/meeting area that is positioned above the base and designed as a central atrium in the middle of the campus.